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Taking responsibility for tomorrow

With environmentally friendly solar energy

The topic of climate and environmental protection is now firmly anchored in the collective consciousness. And thus one of the main arguments for the production of clean energy.


A large majority of scientists assumes that CO2 emissions cause the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and thus global warming. This temperature rise not only endangers the stability of the global climate system but also the nutritional basis of the world’s population, the existence of coastal settlements and the diversity of animals and plants.
(Source: Fraunhofer Institute).

Many people already rely on the totally emission-free and clean production of electricity by one of our solar systems. And thus make – regardless of financial or political aspects – a significant contribution to the preservation of our environment and the lives of future generations.

Your personal contribution

Example: A 2-person household has an average power consumption of 2,500 kWh per year. If solar power is used instead of conventional electricity, savings are as much as:

an average tree converts into oxygen per year

an average car emits at a distance of 8,750 kilometers