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Steam oven + microwave + grill

AX-1100 – a feast for the senses

Sharp's Smart Kitchen would like to welcome you. You can learn everything about our new allround-talent, the AX-1100, on the following pages.

The 3in1 steam cooker stands for a new and modern way of cooking – tasty, health-conscious and convenient. The clever appliance concept is set up to turn your requirements for preparing balanced and nutritious meals rich in vitamins into reality, even in an increasingly complex day-to-day routine. For example, for a pleasant evening with friends, for singles who claim that it’s not worth cooking for just one person, for people who want or need to eat healthily, for fathers and mothers who want to provide their families with a varied diet, or for gourmets who simply have fun cooking and enjoying.

Steam cooking: simply delicious!

Interview with kitchen expert and wholefood gourmet chef Thomas Stöhr.

“You will be surprised how easily and effectively steam cooking with the AX-1100 works. Preparing crunchy vegetables and flaky, buttery fish filets for up to 4 people simultaneously without the taste of one of the foods being transferred to the other? Of course. Steam cooking is a true alternative to pep up your meal planning and yourself."

Smart Kitchen

Smart everyday life. Smart Kitchen.

It doesn’t matter whether you have to manage a family, a job, your education or your cholesterol level. The AX-1100 is a true allround-talent for optimising your everyday life. See for yourself.

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