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Sharp’s Green strategy is clear

Our commitment to the environment and its protection starts right at the top within Sharp Corporation.  Our President, Kozo Takahashi  outlined our green strategy in our 2013 Sustainability Report, commenting:

“[…]Fulfill Our Social Responsibility in All Aspects of Business
Expanding Sharp’s business globally, we will continue to support the 10 principles, in areas that include human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption, of the United Nations Global Compact that we joined in 2009. In addition, we will act in compliance with national and local laws and with internationally accepted social norms, as well as contribute to solving such worldwide issues as conflict minerals, and respect for human rights. Regarding environmental matters, companies must increasingly respond to social needs, such as the reduction of carbon emissions, resource recycling, and harmony with nature. To describe the fulfillment of these needs in unison with the creation of value through company business, Sharp sets the term “Green Shared Value.” We have formulated a new environmental policy founded on maximizing this value. Under this policy, we will further improve environmental performance throughout the entire supply chain, including product manufacturing, shipment, product use, final disposal, and recycling. […]”

Full Sustainability Report