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Green Products

Developing Green Products and Green Devices

Sharp calls its environmentally conscious products ‘Green Products’ (GP). The GP Guidelines, which define development and design criteria in line with seven concepts, have been in use globally across all product design departments since 1998. Similarly, we call our environmentally conscious devices Green Devices (GD) and have established the GD Guidelines, which have been applied across all device design departments since 2004.

In developing such products and devices, Sharp sets specific objectives according to the GP Standard Sheet and the GD Standard Sheet, which are formulated based on the GP Guidelines and the GD Guidelines. In the trial manufacture and mass production stages, it determines how well the actual product or device has met these objectives, with those achieving the standards being awarded GP or GD status.

The content of the GP Standard Sheet and the GD Standard Sheet - the benchmark for development objectives - is revised and made more stringent each year in order  to further improve the environmental performance of our products and devices.

Developing Super Green Products

Among our already certified Green Products, Sharp has been certifying those with the highest possible levels of environmental performance as Super Green Products (SGP).


The information contained on these websites is a brief summary of Sharp environmental activities and successes achieved to date. To find out more about Sharp environmental activities please visit:

Details about GP, SGP or GD