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Green Model

Televisions have been allowed to bear the new EU energy label since 20 December 2010 – and Sharp will start applying the labels to its energy-efficient AQUOS LCD TVs in a timely manner! Sharp is working to provide an immediate dose of greater transparency on the consumer electronics market and to provide consumers with a real orientation aid when buying a new, energy-saving LCD TV. The company is proud that as the voluntary labelling becomes available, Sharp already has LCD TVs in its product line-up that qualifies within energy class A, and in some cases even A+. An overview of the current AQUOS LCD TVs can be found here: Overview AQUOS LCD TVs with EU energy label A und A+

Model Energy efficiency class
LC-60LE822E A+
LC-52LE822E A+
LC-52LE820E A+
LC-60LE925E A
LC-46LE824E A
LC-46LU824E A
LC-46LE822E A
LC-46LU822E A
LC-46LE821E A
LC-46LE820E A
LC-46LE820E A
LC-46LE814E A
LC-46LX814E A
LC-46LE812E A
LC-46LX812E A
LC-46LE811E A
LC-46LE810E A
LC-46LX810E A
LC-24LE220E A
LC-24LE210E A
LC-19LE320E-BK A
LC-19LE320E A

*as on Dec. 08th 2010