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EU Voluntary Agreement

Industry Voluntary Agreement on Imaging Equipment

Sharp is an environmentally minded company with a long track record of environmental improvements of its products. As such, Sharp is committed to participating at the European "Industry Voluntary Agreement on Imaging Equipment". Thus Sharp contributes to the EU Action Plan on Energy Efficiency by improving environmental attributes of its products especially with regard to resource and energy efficiency. 

Customers benefit not only from even more environmentally advanced products, but are also able to make more sustainable purchasing decisions based on information on the environmental performance of the products. Such information is provided on the product page of each country in “Support & Downloads” by means of an Environmental Declaration according to the ECMA370 standard.


Regarding the disposal and treatment of Sharp toner cartridges and other consumables from Sharp multifunctional devices, please take note of the following:

Such waste shall be treated according to legal requirements in your area. We recommend addressing competent service providers for this (e.g. waste recycling companies), and asking local authorities for support, where necessary. Special solutions apply in the following countries:

United Kingdom
In UK, you may address eReco, a qualified company for toner recycling which co-operates with Sharp. eReco recycles dry print consumables, including toner bottles, in an environmentally friendly manner. For details incl. service charges please visit

In France, Sharp is a partner of CONIBI, a system which collects used toner cartridges and other consumables from business users. The service is free of charge for business users of Sharp products. Please visit